Saturday, 25 September 2010


The writer of The Fear of Living, Robin Bell, here explains how the project came to be written.

"It started, as it always does, with coffee, copious amounts of it being consumed with friends that can all be followed on twitter, @Jontofski @FeltMistress @jasbenn and my girl friend @AloeGirl. Much talk about films, music, then music and films I seem to remember, and many buckets of super strength coffee resulted in an afternoon coffee crash and weird depression for all of us, affecting us all differently. I seem to remember Close encounters of the Third Kind and songs about gravel feauturing for some.
Anyway I digress, I've had too much coffee again and I'm waffling, this resulted in a weird depression which got me to thinking, what if i always felt depressed and feared everything, eventually even fearing living. I'm a cheery fella aren't I?
I carried this thought on in the dark recesses of my brain.
Myself and Leigh have been trying to get some sort of project together for a while, and decided we wanted to do something with no budget, so i took this to the extreme, one character, one location. So after many projects not taking off because of an over ambitious story, we had the perfect project to be shot quickly and cheaply, and from what I've seen so far of it, to be extremely effective.
Ian Marksman is scared."

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